Our Fees
A short breakdown on our costs and fees related to KSLV
Fees are subject to change and likely to be reduced in the future once we are able to scale and reduce our operating costs

Logistics and Costs

In order to maintain the peg, our team has created a bridge between the Binance Smart Chain and physical precious metal retailers. We have one vault belonging to our company in Singapore, and we also leverage the storage facilities of multiple trusted retailers in the region. We plan to expand our vaults and storage throughout the world as interest in our metal tokens grows.
All of this involves costs, and a bulk of it being...

Storage Fees

Having to transport and store the physical silver we use to peg our token is not cheap, but we have devised a clever and dynamic way of collecting these fees, where they are deducted automatically from the tokens themselves on the blockchain. Which turns out to be a rate of 0.005479151% daily, or about 2% yearly for KSLV. This fee would vary for different types of metals as the cost for the storage of different metals also varies in price.
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