About KSLV
Ushering in the new era of asset backed tokens

Why Silver?

Anyone who has been a part of the crypto community would have had to at least heard the argument of cryptocurrencies being a hedge against inflation. While we are not here to debate whether or not that statement is true, we do know that precious metals have been around for much longer than crypto and have always been a hedge against inflation.
Our question to everyone then would be, why not both? With KSLV and our 1 Gram Pure Silver tokens, we hope to bring precious metals onto the blockchain and make them readily accessible for everyone. Without the need for messy KYC procedures or expensive fees.
Instead of staking your USDT or BUSD, why not stake KSLV, an actual appreciating asset?
In the current state of our cryptosphere there are plenty of options for stable coins, where most people opt to shift their wealth to in times of uncertainty. Our argument against that is, if you are worried about inflation why would your “flight to safety” be into a token pegged to USD when the U.S Dollar is being printed by the trillions each year. With KSLV you could own a piece of anti-inflation while earning interest on it at the same time. It’s a no-brainer for us, really.
Just imagine a future where everyone is moving their gains into precious metal backed tokens instead of stable coins. This makes a lot of sense, and is potentially game changing for the DeFi space.


Built as a BEP-20 token on the Binance Smart Chain, you can move and trade KSLV within the BSC ecosystem with ease and negligible fees. Our long term goal would be to make our metal tokens widely accepted by most DeFi protocols so that staking and yielding with KSLV or KGLD would be just as easy as staking and gaining interest on your USDT or BUSD.

Proof of Ownership

We realize that transparency is key when it comes to the ownership of anything that claims to be backed 1:1 with any physical collateral (looking at you, USDT). The Kebab team plans to provide audit reports, photos, and detailed stock information regarding all the silver we store in our vault for all our investors.


Kebab Finance is one of the oldest yield farming projects on the BSC ecosystem, and although we don’t have thousands of farming pools or billions of dollars of TVL, we are still here. We have not rugged anyone, and we do not intend to. Your ownership of silver will be backed by our physical vault location.
We currently store all the silver in our Singapore vault, one of the most secure locations on Earth, and also the premier destination for silver retailers and traders worldwide. Your investment in silver will most definitely be safe with us.

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