LP Farming
NOTE: Providing liquidity is not without risk because you are exposed to impermanent loss. You can read more about impermanent loss over here
Our LP farming pools allow you to provide liquidity so that all Kebab Finance users can carry out their trades. You see, as a decentralized exchange we rely on all our users to provide the liquidity needed for any trading to take place.
Providing liquidity always works as a pair, and will require an equivalent dollar amount for both assets to be pooled. As a reward for providing liquidity, you will earn a portion of the fees that users pay for each transaction.
To start farming you will first need LP tokens for the pair you wish to provide liquidity on. You can read more about that on the previous page.
Once you have your LP tokens, you can proceed to our LP farms page and select the corresponding farm -
Once done, just stake your LP tokens and you're all set to start earning your rewards for providing liquidity!
You may recover your funds at any time simply by unstaking your staked LP tokens and removing your liquidity from the pool. You can read more about this on the previous page about pooling liquidity.
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