Liquidity Pools
Providing liquidity is an easy way to earn some yield on a pair of assets that you own. Traders on Kebab Finance pay a 0.2% fee each time they complete a transaction, and 0.17% of that fee will go to liquidity providers of the corresponding pool as a reward for providing liquidity.
In order to start providing liquidity, you will need to pool your assets into LP tokens. To do that, head over to our liquidity pooling page and click "add liquidity".
After you've done that, you will need to add a pair of assets that you own and select an amount you wish to add to the pool.
For example, our BNB-BTCB pool. Take note that you need to own both assets in order to pool liquidity. Once you've done that, congratulations you are now a proud new liquidity provider! We thank you for enabling users to trade on our exchange.
To take things one step further, you have the option to stake your LP tokens on our farm to earn additional yield! You can read more about that on the next page detailing LP farming.
NOTE: Providing liquidity is not without risk because you are exposed to impermanent loss. You can read more about impermanent loss over here
Once you're happy with your rewards or want to withdraw your funds for any reason, you can simply remove the liquidity from the same page where you pooled them initially.
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