Welcome to Kebab Finance
The official documentation for all things Kebab
The strategically superior yield farming community on BSC.
Came for the yield, stayed for Kebabs
Kebab Finance is a DEX (Decentralized Exchange), using AMM (Automated Market Maker) technology. We started out as a PancakeSwap fork and have grown to forge our own identity and community.
On our platform you can trade by swapping tokens seamlessly using the swap function while having full custody of your assets. Such is the decentralized nature of DEXes. You can also stake and pool your assets on our farms to earn interest a.k.a. yield farming.
Kebab Finance aims to differentiate itself from the many DEXes and yield farming projects in the space by creating innovative products and giving the average investor access to products that they would normally not be able to access.
We hope you will be a part of our community and start farming delicious Kebabs today!
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